Turku Music Hall Fuuga will feature two auditoriums: a 1,300-seat main concert hall and a 300-seat multipurpose hall. The Music Hall will also contain a restaurant open to the public throughout the day, as well as a rooftop terrace with a restaurant and garden.

The main concert hall is primarily designed to serve the needs of orchestral music. Optimal acoustic quality will be ensured by the internationally acclaimed acoustician Eckhard Kahle. In addition to orchestral music, the main hall is also suited to other purposes, such as electronically amplified music, conferences and events, and various types of small-scale shows.

The stage can accommodate up to 100 musicians. Part of the stage can be lowered to form an orchestra pit for opera and other performances.

The main concert hall will form the heart of the building. Built in a modified shoebox design, the hall is characterised by abundant natural light entering through the clerestory windows. The curved forms and wood surfaces of the interior impart a sense of rhythm and warmth to the entire building.

When construction starts, this page will provide regularly updated information on the progress of construction and the impact on the neighbouring areas and traffic.

Check out this video for a sneak peek into the future Music Hall Fuuga!