Turku Music Hall FAQ

What are the costs involved in the Turku Music Hall project?

The total cost for the Music Hall as presented in the project plan is EUR 89,014,550, including an index adjustment, scope changes, risk reserve and bonus pool payments. The largest individual cost consists of the construction costs, which account for more than half of the total cost, about EUR 49 million. The construction cost is affected by factors such as the limitations posed by the small size of the selected building site.

Other factors include the solutions required for the complex structural frame of the building, the world-class acoustics, the facades, and the extensive stage technology. The concert hall auditorium is designed for an audience of about 1,300. The stage can be adjusted in sections to accommodate at least 95 musicians.

The building will also feature a flat-floored multipurpose hall for an audience of 315, suitable for a wide range of musical activity, including orchestra rehearsals. The design also addresses the requirements for the rehearsal, public and staff premises, lobby services and shop, café/restaurant, and logistics and storage.

How does the alliance model work?

The Turku Music Hall will be built using the alliance model, where the City of Turku’s alliance partners include Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy, PES-Architects Ltd and WSP Finland Oy. The companies participated in the tendering competition organised by the City as the Harmonia consortium. The Turku City Council chose the proposal of the Harmonia consortium as winner of the invitation to tender in October 2021.

In alliancing, a wide range of expertise is attached to the project early on in the design phase. This allows the specialists in various fields to work on the design in close collaboration with the principal designer and contractor to integrate the needs of the client and users to best meet the project goals.

In alliancing, the alliance parties share responsibility for the realisation of the project goals, including the targeted cost, which means that it is in the interest of all parties to execute the project with high quality and cost-effectively.

The alliance model supports the parties in achieving the best outcome for the project in all key result areas. The key targets of the project are:

  • A versatile concert venue
  • World-class acoustics
  • High-quality architecture
  • Premium customer experience and an inspiring work environment
  • Safe and healthy premises and reasonable operating costs
  • Low-carbon and energy-efficient
  • Building lifespan of 100 years
  • Safe construction and humidity control
  • Concert hall inauguration on schedule
  • Achieving the targeted cost